Thomson Creek

CCFEG was awarded the contract to replace a culvert on Thomson Creek as part of the Family Forests and Fish Passage Program in 2012. Thomson Creek is located above the Tumwater Dam, and is a small tributary to Skinny Creek in the Upper Wenatchee watershed. There are steelhead and rainbow trout present in Thompson Creek. This culvert had been in place for 50 years, and was impeding fish passage to over one hundred yards of ideal spawning habitat because of a 1 foot outfall drop which blocks passage of juveniles and some adults. CCFEG contracted Rayfield Brothers Excavating to remove this culvert and replace it with a 20 foot concrete bridge in the summer of 2013. This project opened up 1.27 miles of stream and improved upstream and downstream fish migration.







Collaboration with: Washington State Recreation and Conservation Office, Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, and Washington Department of Natural Resources.

Funding Provided by: Family Forest Fish Passage Program (FFFPP)

Completed: December 31st, 2013