Tall Timber Ranch Property: Napeequa River Riparian Planting

This project is located on the Napeequa River right above the confluence of the Napeequa and White Rivers on the 133 acre Tall Timber Ranch. Tall Timber Ranch hosts some 6,000 guests during the year, including youth of various ages and adults in camps throughout the year. CCFEG restored native riparian vegetation along approximately 600' of the Napeequa River. Restoring native vegetation along the Napeequa River will improve habitat for fish and wildlife and help naturally stabilize the eroding bank.

This project is now complete, and we are thrilled with the outcome. 1,100 spruce, dogwood, pine, cottonwood, and other riparian plants were placed in the Napeequa floodplain, With a current survival rate of 92%. A rate of 70% is considered successful, and this astounding figure is due to the hard work and diligence of the EarthCorps crew, Tall Timber staff, and CCFEG volunteer labor.


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Project Partners: Chelan Douglas Land Trust, Tall Timber Ranch

Funded By: Salmon Recovery Funding Board

Completed: November 2011