Tall Timber Ranch Property: White River Interpretive Trail

This project is located at the confluence of the Napeequa and White Rivers on the 133 acre Tall Timber Ranch. Tall Timber Ranch hosts some 6,000 guests during the year, including youth of various ages and adults in camps throughout the year.  In the fall, TTR hosts approximately 1,000 students from middle schools who come for multi-day camping experiences. CCFEG installed six interpretive signs along the White River on existing trails on a conservation easment purchased by the Chelan Douglas Land Trust. Topics for the signs include Native American and settlement history in the basin, the salmon lifecycle, native fish species, local geology/glaciation, and river processes including the importance of floodplains and wood.

The interpretive signs are complete, and we encourage you to head on up the White River to check this trail out.


TT Kiosk.jpg



Our partners in this project are the Tall Timber Ranch and the Chelan Douglas Land Trust. Funding provided by Chelan Douglas Land Trust and the Salmon Recovery Funding Board (SRFB).

Completed: October 2012