Nutrient Enhancement Feasibility Study

The objective of this project was to investigate logistical and technical aspects of collecting, storing, screening, transporting, and distributing excess hatchery-origin salmon carcasses throughout the Upper Columbia, including the Wenatchee, Entiat, Methow, and Okanogan basins.  The potential use of salmon analog pellets (pictured at bottom of page) composed of pikeminnow, hake, or anchovy was also investigated as a possible alternative to salmon carcass placement.  Now complete, this report provides useful logistical information for stakeholders interested in implementing nutrient enhancement in the Upper Columbia Salmon recovery region.

Our partners in this study are the Yakama Nation, WDFW, Trout Unlimited – Washington Water Project, WDOE, and USFWS. Funding provided by Chelan PUD/Rock Island Tributary Committee. Completed: December, 2012.



Wenatchee Nutrient Assessment – Treatment Design 

The objective of this assesment was to determine the need for conducting nutrient enhancement in high priority tributaries in the Wenatchee basin (Wenatchee River, Nason Creek, Little Wenatchee River, White River and Chiwawa River) consistent with the Upper Columbia’s Biological Strategy, and the scope of these potential projects. Our goal was to evaluate baseline conditions within the Anadromous zone (water quality, periphyton, macro-invertebrates, etc.), establish goals or budgets for these indicators, develop a treatment and monitoring plan and secure approval from Washington State Department of Ecology (DOE) for a pilot nutrient enhancement program in the Upper Wenatchee.

Partners: Trout Unlimited – Washington Water Project, Water Quality Engineers, WDFW, USFWS, WDOE. Funding provided by: Yakama Nation, Priest Rapids Coordinating Committee, the Salmon Recovery Funding Board (SRFB) and the HCP Tributary Committee.

Completed: July 2013


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