Twisp to Carlton Reach Assessment

In the Methow Sub basin, human activities have altered the natural environment resulting in simplified habitat, as well as loss of connectivity and riparian functions in the channel corridor. Simplified habitat has included a reduction in the abundance of large woody debris (LWD), limited side-channel access, and limited floodplain connectivity and function. By conducting the Twisp to Carlton Reach Assessment salmon recovery practitioners will have the ability to prioritize, sequence, and implement priority restoration and protection actions in this important reach of the Methow, river mile 29-40.

The goal of the Twisp to Carlton Reach Assessment is to understand past and current geomorphic and hydrologic processes, habitat conditions, and to ultimately assist stakeholders in prioritizing and developing restoration projects. Reach Assessments are early steps in a process aimed at focusing habitat improvement efforts toward the most beneficial actions in the most appropriate places.

Working closely with the Methow Restoration Council (MRC) we will develop a landowner outreach component to inform the public of the assessment, request permission to access key floodplain properties, and identify willing landowners and project (conservation and restoration) opportunities.



Project Partners: BOR and Methow Restoration Council members.

Project Funders: Tributary Committee, Salmon Recovery Funding Board.

Completion Date: March, 2017